The Ping Thing???

Ever play ping pong?

It's not that much fun if you play it yourself.

But if you play it with someone else, that back and forth stuff is pretty sweet.

We think this same back and forth ping pong business is a great way to  make things with friends, strangers and even people you don't like very much. It's an efficient and fun way to collaborate. 

Player one does the first part, player two does the second part and sends it back, and on and on till something takes shape.

We have been doing it to make songs, videos, stories, poems, paintings, collages, sculptures, screenplays, pretty much any idea that can be bounced back and forth is fun to do with The Ping Thing.

Don't get me started about the benefits of breaking tasks into little bits. The real magic here is that it does away with the intimidating, often overwhelming nature of a blank page, or the paralyzing inferred obligation to complete something start to finish in one go.

When you only have one bit to make, it's fun, not only that, but that one bit gets your full attention. You'll find yourself doing a really good job with that one bit, it's natural to not want  to let down our  collaborators and perhaps even impress them.

We think you'll be surprised at the high level of quality resulting from this way of making things with others.

We have.

We're over here wondering why everybody isn't doing this with just about everything.

I just realized I haven't made a sandwich this way yet.

I gotta get on that.