How To Play Ping Song

Player 1 writes a 1-12 syllable opening lyric, max 8 bars, with chord/s and melody, records on phone and sends to Player 2. As usual, a great place to start is by using your most recent dream.

Player 2 writes the next 1-12 syllable lyric with chord/s and melody, records the whole song up till that point and passes it back to Player 1.

The game continues back and forth until the song is complete.

Both players fine tune along the way while staying true to the content of lines and music given.

Repeated musical phrases do not count against the 1-12 syllable allowance per turn. 

This game is about lyrics and melody, not genre, arrangement or production. 

Objective One: Have fun.

Objective Two: Wooooo.

Objective Three: Weeeeee.

Other objectives:

Go with it. 

Be present. 

Let it out. 

Don’t fight it.

Don’t jump ahead.

One line at a time.

Be thoughtful not doubtful.

Be careful not cautious.

No rush, no delay.

Let the song guide you.