Frequently Wondered Stuff???

Q: What is with the question marks???

A: We wonder if questions are better than answers and if the best answers should lead to more questions. Maybe answers are just fun little rest stops and questions are the journey. We like the journey. We wonder if maybe the more we embrace questions, the less likely we are to become complacent and annoying about our answers. Plus, just look at those curly little fellas--- >???, all cute and hooky. Exclamation points  look like angry baseball bats comparatively. GRRRR!!! Also, It's hard to wonder about things without question marks. Next to dreaming, wondering is about the most magical way to spend time.

Q: Is this a church???

A: We prefer to call it a "Thing???", it sounds better. "You goin to The Thing??? on Monday???" "Of course I'm going to The Thing???". See? Sounds way better. We like churches, the buildings specifically. Imagine our logo on a big fancy church. We wonder if maybe churches were invented for this very purpose. Those pulpits and microphones seem specifically made for sharing the wonderful things you make from your dreams. We like to make and sing songs together too. Others call them "hymns", we call them "hmmn???'s" because we are cute.  Oh, and get this, most church goers like to say "amen" at the end of their dealies, we say "ah, hmmmn". Cute on top of cute. So, yeah, we won't get mad if you call us a church, or a temple or any other word that lends itself to the importance of the common cause of making the world a better place utilizing divine inspiration, but "the Thing???" explains it better and sounds more fun. Don't you think?

Q: Is this a cult???

A: No, not really, but maybe. They say cults are centered around particular figure or personality. The whole idea here is that maybe you are the center of your universe. We wonder if maybe you should utilize your own personal divine inspiration, your dreams, to make your universe wonderful. If this is a cult, maybe it's a cult centered around you. Maybe don't be a jerk about it.

Who Started This???

Well, In the big picture, it's been going on forever but this website and the stuff described herein was started by Merkley??? who is right now typing about himself in the third person. Lot's of threes around here. He has been making stuff since the minute he was born. He isn't much different than you in those regards. He has made all kinds of things that can be seen in all different parts of the internet and even off the internet. 20 years ago he moved from Utah to San Francisco specifically to make The Three Question Marks Thing??? into something that exists more than just in his puny little brain. That's What is happening here. Click these here buttons to see and hear some of the stuff he has made over the years.