The Dream Thing???

Seriously though, what could possibly be considered divine inspiration more than your very own dreams?

Think about it.

Think of all the incredible things you do while you're lying there "asleep" that you can't, won't or shouldn't do when you're "awake".

If you sleep the average amount, an entire third of your life is spent dreaming. If you live to be 100 years old, that's 33.3 years DREAMING!

That's the third of your life where you are flying, winning break dance contests, kicking the crap out of your vice principal, losing teeth, breathing under water, running from monsters, falling off cliffs, having sex with imaginary people, having snacks with your dead Grandma, sleeping with fur covered snakes and training fish to speak Spanish.

And you let that slip by like it's no big deal?

Well, we wonder if it really is a big deal.

Maybe most people are living life upside down and backwards.

Maybe everything you do while you're "awake" is so you can dream while you're "asleep".

It's a very real possibility.

Now think about how much of that dream stuff you don't remember.

What a shame!

Let's fix that.