Whatever made me and you, 

made us to make things too.

So, make is what we do.

We made this thing for you.


Some think the universe was made ages ago.  

Fact is, the universe is being made right now.

We are all part of making the universe.

Every last one of us.
Even you.
Especially you.
The question is not if you will make part of the universe, 

but, what you will make and how you will make it.

We think the world is good when we make it good.


Endless ways.

Intimidating, right? 

We wonder if maybe the best place to start is the easiest place to start. If there is such thing as divine inspiration, we wonder if maybe it comes via dreams.  Maybe dreams are the easiest place to start.  Trouble is, it's so  easy to forget our dreams or let them slip by as unimportant.

We think dreams are important.

We think dreams deserve special care and attention.

We wonder how we can use our dreams to make things that will make the world better.  

So that all looks good in theory, but how do we actually do it?  That's the hard part, but we think one of the best ways to get good things done is with accountability. This is a primary purpose of The Three Question Marks Thing??? When we aren't accountable to anyone, it's too easy to just let things go until a whenever that may never come.

On the other hand, when we involve others, we become accountable. The Three Question Marks Thing??? is a chance, an excuse, a reason, to get together, to make and share good things every week.  

Here is how it works.   Each week, we set a time and a place to meet. That meeting is called The _____ Thing???, you'll understand the blank in a second. Each attendee is given a little slip of paper upon which they write one word that encapsulates their most recent dream. Those papers are thrown into a hard hat, shaken and stirred, and then one is drawn out.   Whatever word drawn out of the hat becomes the theme of The ______ Thing??? the following week.   Let's say the word drawn out of the hard hat was "ridiculous". The next Thing??? would be called "The Ridiculous Thing???" and everyone would make something fresh with that "ridiculous" theme in mind. Got it?  Because accountability and sharing are at the center of all of this, each person chooses a partner or two, or three. or however many, they team up and employ the "The Ping Thing???" method to make their new "ridiculous" things.  Since this happens weekly, and started before you got here, each Thing??? already has a theme that was drawn out of a hard hat at the previous Thing???. Participants who take the challenge come ready to share the things they made specific to that theme.  So we get to enjoy the things others have made, share what we have made and also sing some of our old favorites and standard Hmmmmns. Yeah, that's not a typo. They say "hymn", we say "Hmmmn".  

Get it?  

Oh, the drawing out of the hat part comes at the end of The Thing???, not at the beginning. I suppose I should have mentioned that.  

Anyway, point is, we get together weekly to share things we made for a dream based theme that was drawn out of a hard hat the previous week and this will go on and on until somebody stops us.  Please don't try to stop us.  That would suck.



Ask us anything.

Better yet, join us.

We have regular meetings all over the place.

The Three Question Marks Thing???

955 Oak Street, San Francisco, California 94117, United States


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